IPU・環太平洋大学 校友会


「Because you are all amazing!」board member【Yuko Beattie】

Yuko Beattie
Early Childhood Education teacher
Gisborne,New Zealand

It was great to see the other IPU Alumni Association members face to face. I was so grateful to hear everyone’s opinions about IPU. We’re still a new university but that’s why we can be original and our do things our way.

While I am still thinking about how I can further support the current students and alumni, I will do my best as I have a lot of appreciation and gratitude to IPU. I had an awesome campus life and also made amazing lifelong friends. In my last year of University, I went to IPU NZ to study English. There, I met the most amazing man in the world, who is now my husband. We have a son and a daughter together named Luka and Ellie. I now have a lovely family here in NZ because of IPU.
I believe everyone has their own talents and good points. I used to have low confidence, but I learnt to appreciate those good points about myself with the help of others. I want to support and push others to find their talents and dreams too. I know you can do it, because you are all amazing!